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Will there be parking?

Street parking is available in the area surrounding Portland Playhouse. Parking can also be found in the parking lot of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School.

Will there be food?

Snacks and soda will be available for purchase at the concessions table in the lobby. You are welcome to bring these items into the theater. All profits from concessions will go towards Easyfolk Fest 2024. There is also a self-serve water station for your convenience.

Will there be air conditioning?

Yes! The Portland Playhouse has center air conditioning.

Is this a standing or seated show?

Seated. Portland Playhouse has comfy seats! The doors open one hour prior to the show and it is first come first serve seating.

Do I need to bring my ticket?

No. Simply present your name at the check-in station upon arrival and you're all set.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Yes. Simply instruct the person to present your name instead at check-in. No need to exchange names or tickets.


Be part of
easyfolk fest

Sign up to volunteer for a specific day and position at Easyfolk Fest. In return, enjoy free entry to another day of the festival of your choice. Volunteers are asked to arrive at 5:30 PM.


Concessions Volunteer

This volunteer will assist the staff member in charge of concessions. Responsibilities include serving food and drink, cleaning the concessions area after the show, and making sure all moneys go to the event coordinator at the end of the night. 


These volunteers will assist the sound engineer. Responsibilities include the repositioning of microphone stands, instruments, ect,  between each act, keeping a clean and safe stage during the show, and helping the sound engineer tear down each night. 


This volunteer will be stationed outside Portland Playhouse (weather permitting) to welcome guests into the space. They will also be prepared to answer any questions guests might have.


This volunteer will be stationed at the school parking lot two blocks from Portland Playhouse to assist with parking and point people towards the building. Once the show begins, this volunteer will come back to the building to assist with other things.

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