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A year-long program of musical growth and support

Each year, Easyfolk will select a number of independent artists to feature.

These artists will form a close community of support for one another and build

off of each other's momentum. Throughout the year, each artist will have the opportunity to engage in several community building and performance opportunities.


Up to four Easyfolk Sessions to build your digital media.


Gatherings and songwriting opportunities with others in the program.


A guaranteed spot at Easyfolk Fest 2024, and other performance opportunities.


Promotion of your shows and releases on Easyfolk channels.

What We're Looking For:

Independent musicians/bands in Portland, OR or the surrounding areas who are willing and able to commit to a year-long program.*

Deeply collaborative people, who know that their success is bound up in the success of others. 

Musicians who write and perform music regularly and want to expand their spheres of influence and engagement.

Artists from different expressions of the acoustic music genre: folk, country, singer-songwriter, bluegrass, indie, pop, blues, etc.

*While most events will take place in and around the city of Portland, artists from around the Pacific Northwest are still encouraged to apply. 


Applications Open:

Wednesday Oct 11th


Applications Close:

Wednesday Nov 1st


Zoom Interviews:

Nov 6th - Nov 10th


Announcement of Featured Artists:

Wednesday Nov 15th

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