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Easyfolk Fest
August 25th at 7pm
Portland Playhouse

Easyfolk was designed to bring the acoustic music community of Portland together. Easyfolk Fest will be our large, annual gathering of musicians and fans ready to celebrate the sounds of our town.



Named one of Portland’s “Best New Bands” by the Willamette Week in 2022, Glitterfox is a beloved Portland based indie-folk band lead by queer married couple Solange Igoa and Andrea Walker. Now a four piece band, Glitterfox's soulful tunes will have you grooving in your seat!

Yellow Birds

Yellow Birds is made up of three mainstays

of the local music scene, Amanda Breese, Jenna Ellefson, and Rose Gerber. On their own, they each pull heartstrings with their stunning voices and songwriting. As a trio, something otherworldly happens when their voices meld seamlessly

into each other in harmony.


Siena Christie

Siena Christie is a modern folk singer-storyteller. Driven by curiosity and compassion, she writes and sings deeply observant songs celebrating the impermanence of all things. Her unaffected, crystal-clear voice pairs hauntingly with conversational lyrics rich in honesty, subtle wit, and vivid imagery.

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